Love Comes In Shirts

this is my newest shirt to arrive in the mail, and is definitely one of my favorites now. Unknown to the Unknown is a killer up and coming label, releasing awesome gritty house, UK bass, Detroit techno and then some, all unified underneath UTTU’s futurist ghetto-sleeze aesthetic. i think this will be their year.

oh, and did i mention the white print on this fucker glows in the dark?? almost seems like overkill, because the Disney font plus Mickey’s hands rollin’ that jib make the shirt irresistible enough.

it’s a super comfy Continental brand tee that not only feels great to wear because it’s printed on Turkish cotton, but also because it’s tagged by Fair Wear and Oeko-Tex. safety first!

released in November 2011, i luckily got this like a week before it sold out on Boomkat. fuck yeah.

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